I was born and raised to be a smart and stylish southern gal in a darling little town in South Carolina.


And I've used that to my advantage as a hairstylist in Virginia Beach the past five years. I love my career as a hairstylist making other's feel like their best it truly fills my soul.

As a happy little introvert, I thrive on one-on-one interactions and work to create a comfortable, relaxed environment you are sure to enjoy!

In my personal time I am an avid reader as well as a podcast and audio book junkie.


If you catch me out in town your sure to find me at Targets, Barnes and Nobles or at a local Mexican restaurant, which I have a personal goal to become a connoisseur of the local margaritas.


I have two beautiful children and an amazing husband who support me in all my endeavors. Who I also enjoy creating memories with as much as possible. As a family we enjoy going kayaking, bike riding and finding new nature trails to visit together. 





I'm also a education fanatic! I am always researching new techniques to help me in the salon, as well as traveling to many classes. I love creating new and fresh looks for my clients.


Please contact me today for a complimentary consultation.


I look forward to working with you and sharing all my hair knowledge! 

Kind Regards,
          Sissy Stengel

I'm Sissy


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